Golden Delight is a performance ensemble that is a component of the NC A&T State University Marching Band. The ladies are selected through an intense audition process. Once the squad is selected, they participate in a rigorous 2 week band camp period to prepare for the season. The performance season begins in late August and ends in early December and includes parades, half time shows, dance competitions, exhibition performances, indoor band battles, outdoor battle of the bands, pep rallies and more.

Not Your Average Squad
We are a special squad in the world of HBCU Bands. Our ladies are trained to be both twirlers and dancers. Typically, we have 18-22 squad members but do not conduct our auditions based on numbers. Of that number, 4-6 twirl baton and 16-18 twirl flag. All squad members serve as feature dancers. Candidates who have never twirled before are taught (clinics are a the best way!) However, every candidate must already have dance experience.

A Day In The Life
Practices are held Monday-Friday in the evenings with games on Saturdays. Participants must be currently enrolled at the university (or an approved consortium program school.) Squad members have a range of performance backgrounds including band auxiliary, competition dance teams, pom squads, cheerleading, color guard squads, gymnastics and more. While our ladies enjoy the performance aspect of being a Golden Delight, they are first and foremost students at the university. The majors of the ladies range from Engineering and Education, to Business and Fashion Merchandising​

Benefits of Being a Sweetheart 
- the most extensive collection of flags, batons, and props in HBCU marching bands
- the first squad to present the "versatile" concept in Black College bands that several programs have now adopted
- over 40+ different uniforms worn in the course of one season (often 3-4 per game) has become a tradition of the squad. Uniforms are provided by the department of bands
- extensive travel opportunities free of charge to destinations such as New York, Houston, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, DC, Daytona Beach, and more!
- development opportunities for squad members 
- sisterly relationships and being a part of the band family
- serving as an ambassador for the university and being known on campus as a role model and upstanding peer