Not in College or a High School Senior yet?

Here at NC A&T State University, we believe it is never too early to prepare for our future as a member of the most dynamic and talented auxiliary in HBCU bands,- the versatile women of Golden Delight! 

High School Sophomores and Juniors, make sure you are taking dance classes, staying in shape and attending prep clinics over the years. Becoming a Sweetheart of the MEAC is an act of commitment and dedication that begins long before you are ready to attend NC A&T! 

If you want more information, contact Ms. Tisha, our recruitment coordinator at and she will be glad to share some insights and information with you!

Good Luck,

Golden Delight Staff
2018 Golden Delight Auditions
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Audition Invitations 
for Returning Candidates

If you auditioned for our ensemble in the past, you still have to be invited back to the audition process for 2018. It is a new year so you will have to submit another video or attend a clinic. (although the clinic is highly recommended for audition prep) 
We have completed the audition and selection process for the 2018 season. The next audition will be for the 2019 season in February. 

Golden Delight has a very competitive and rigorous selection process. We seek to provide as much information up front to assist candidates in their preparation. On average, successful candidates spent at least one full year intentionally working to refine skills to audition for our team. Pre-audition season should be taken very seriously to be competitive in February and June.

In the meantime, please feel free to review the Prospective Member Guide to get some preliminary information about our auditions!

Once you review this guide, if you have specific questions, please email us at and we will provide responses. Requests for "more information" will not be honored,- as all the information related to auditions is found in this detailed informative guide. 

Thank you,
Golden Delight Staff