Not in College or a High School Senior yet?

Here at NC A&T State University, we believe it is never too early to prepare for our future as a member of the most dynamic and talented auxiliary in HBCU bands,- the versatile women of Golden Delight! You can become a VIP Golden Recruit. Learn More!

High School Sophomores and Juniors, make sure you are taking dance classes, staying in shape and attending prep clinics over the years. Becoming a Sweetheart of the MEAC is an act of commitment and dedication that begins long before you are ready to attend NC A&T! 

Audition Invitations for Returning Candidates

If you auditioned for our ensemble in the past, you still have to be invited back to the audition process for 2021. It is a new year so you will have to submit another video or attend a clinic. (although the clinic is highly recommended for audition prep) 

1. Candidates must submit a video to be invited to the audition. Once the staff has reviewed your video, selected candidates will be invited to the virtual audition. Click here for video submission instructions.

2. Once invited, candidates will receive a detailed packet to prepare for auditions that shares what to wear, the schedule, how to prepare, what to expect, etc. 

3. Selected ladies attend summer training and then report for band camp in August. Band camp lasts until school begins.

- Toned physique/good health & fitness/ stamina
- Dance background in the areas of jazz and ballet
- Experience (familiarity) with marching band auxiliary 
- Performance confidence and dynamic showmanship
- Flexibility and Agility
- At least 1 Year of Twirling Experience (Flags) - or have attended several clinics to learn twirling basics
- 2+ Years of Twirling Experience (Baton Twirlers) - Must have comfort with multiple batons and be very flexible
- Ability to learn quickly
- Great attitude and enjoys working with a team
- Natural Leadership 
- Creativity
- Tumbling/gymnastics experience
- Strong Academic Record (Acceptance to NC A&T State University is very competitive. You must be admitted to audition. )

2021 Audition Dates
Preliminary Auditions (Round 1) - Virtually
Saturday, June 19

Final Auditions (Round 2) - In Person
Saturday, July 10 - Sunday, July 11, 2021

Note: The Application window has closed for the 2021 season.

About our Auditions

As a top collegiate band auxiliary program, Golden Delight has a rigorous selection and training process. We seek to provide as much information up front to assist candidates in their preparation. On average, successful candidates spent at least one full year intentionally working to refine skills to audition for our team. Pre-audition season should be taken very seriously to be competitive. 

Once you review this guide, if you have specific questions, please email and we will provide responses. 

General requests for "more information" will not be honored,- as all the information related to auditions is found in this detailed informative guide and on this website.
Printable Guide
Those candidates who are serious about pursuing auditions with Golden Delight should focus on several areas:

- Visit the NC A&T University admissions website to gain additional information on requirements
- Ensure you are putting your best foot forward in your classes
- Take prep sessions to work towards high entrance exam scores (SAT and/or ACT)

Physical Fitness
- Devote yourself to healthy eating habits  (limit consumption of fast food or junk foods, drink plenty of water, follow a balanced diet)
- Workout at least 3-4 times a week focusing on cardio (for endurance) and incorporating strength training for upper and lower body. Be sure not to neglect your core. HIIT training is a great way to reach fitness goals for our ensemble. Dancers needs core strength and lower body strength. The twirling element of our ensemble requires upper body focus. 

- If you do not have a background in ballet or jazz, you should begin formal instruction in these areas as soon as possible. Much of our choreography is based on a mastery of these elements
 - If you have this background, continue to skill build and focus on elements that build your athleticism 

Twirling/Color Guard
- There are numerous tutorials for color guard basics that you can do online to get started. Do a youtube search for "color guard basics" and you will find helpful tutorials like this one
- GD clinics have a twirling segment for you to learn first hand
- We strongly encourage you to get twirling experience in high school 
- There are some studios that teach baton twirling. You must have 2+ years of experience on baton to tryout for that. Otherwise, you audition for flag.

Experience with the Style
- The field and stands styles of Golden Delight are different. We find that ladies with a background in the studio can have a hard time in the transition. To lessen that, be sure to watch videos and attend our clinics to begin to gain comfort. 
 - Attending workshops hosted by other teams may not prove helpful in your journey. HBCU dance styles differ greatly. 
- Be mindful of training with alumni members of our team from more than 2-3 years ago. The style of the ensemble has evolved and you want to be learning the most current material.  
- The most ideal candidates have participated in marching band auxiliary as well as have dance training from a young age. If you have a chance to audition for your high school team, DO IT.

Final thoughts: What they don't tell you...
- HBCU Dancers must be more than good dancers or twirlers. They must be great performers. Your preparation time should be spent also working on your showmanship, - the facial expressions you make and how you draw your audience in. This is what separates the good from the great in an audition.
- Watch videos of the Sweethearts and pay special attention not just to what we do but "how" it is done.
- Also make sure you have a great skin care regiment and are aware of the hair expectations for a collegiate audition. It matters. 

We pride ourselves on a highly transparent recruitment and selection process. Our intention is to provide candidates with as much information as possible, as early as possible so you show up your very best at the audition.  

Please read and review all the comprehensive guidelines below and make a dedicated investment into your preparation. 
Ideal Candidates: Can I Be a Golden Delight?

Although our ladies have a diverse performance background, the Golden Delight staff is happy to share the skills that  selected candidates typically possess to help you prepare. 
Prospective Member Guide - Updated March 2021
Prospective Member Guide - Updated March 2021