Veteran Brianna Walton
Brianna came to the team in the Fall of 2018 and has been an asset to the ensemble since that time. Her bubbly personality and friendly demeanor is a welcome addition to the practice and game day environment. She is known by her showmanship and energy in performance and is truly passionate about her craft. The staff would characterize Brianna as humble, positive, hard-working and smart.
She shared the following thoughts for this Delight Spotlight:

"I first saw Golden Delight perform in Greensboro in 2009 when they had the gym battle against Norfolk State. I knew I wanted to attend and audition for A&T since 2010. So far, my greatest performance experience since being on the team would be when performed in my home state against Norfolk State. My favorite song played by the Blue and Gold Marching Machine would be "Skyfall." It's just something about how it starts off slow and beautiful and then builds up with such power and aggression. It is an A&T classic to me."

If I had to share some advice with a young woman interested in auditioning with the team, I would tell them  to watch a lot videos to get familiar with the style. That is first and foremost. The world of HBCU dance is so diverse. All the top teams have their own flavor and style. Most new members have the hardest time transitioning to our style because we do so much. Also I would say start working out out as early as possible for agility and endurance. It doesn't matter if you have the technique but can not get through the routine. That can make your execution poor. Always, always, always be working on technique. 

The greatest lesson I’ve learned from being apart of the band would definitely be humility. It teaches you that it’s not all about you there are so many elements that go into making the BGMM who they are. It is a lesson that you take with you into other areas of your life. It causes you to pause and think about how what you do impacts other people. When I’m performing my alter ego “Venus Sass” takes over and she’s a beast!  I have enjoyed participating under Marci's leadership. She has a laidback style that we appreciate but she gets things done. She does not play about being punctual!

I am a biology major and plan to become an OB/GYN.  My favorite thing to do other than band/dance is to eat and retail therapy! 

Lastly, I most admire my cousin Jazmyn Smith, Golden Delight  Majorette 2007-2010. She was the main reason I chose A&T and was exposed to Golden Delight in the first place. She’s also doing great things in her life and living her dream and I admire that.  I hope to one day inspire others to be a part of this team, this dynamic band and the best HBCU in the nation, NC A&T!