Frequently Asked Questions
How do I get invited to auditions?
Visit our auditions link and download the Prospective Member guide. 
The specific instructions can also be found here.

Can I tryout in the summer if I don't make it in the spring?
Yes, but you need to email the staff to indicate you plan to extend your invitation to the summer audition so we can include you in the informational emails.

If I can't attend the tryouts in person, can I just send a video for my audition?
No. Videos apply to the invitation phase only. Not for the formal audition. You must be present at the audition experience. 

Can Freshman audition for Golden Delight?
Yes. Freshman women are welcomed to audition for our squad. Our Freshman ladies also perform their whole first year. There is not a "red shirt" process.

Do you offer scholarships?
NC A&T Band offers scholarships to all of its members, including auxiliary! Once you audition and are chosen for the team, squad members have varying amounts added to their school accounts. These amounts do not total a full ride, therefore we encourage ladies who are interested in the university to seek additional financial assistance through their major department scholarships and/or external sources.

Do you have a weight/size requirement?
There is no specific weight requirement in terms of a number. However, overall physical fitness is a criteria at judging. Due to routine choreography and the rigorous nature of our shows, candidates must be in great physical shape. Emphasis is placed on the midsection, upper and lower body as strength in these areas is necessary for proper dance technique and execution, just as upper body strength is needed to be an effective twirler. We encourage you to treat Golden Delight as a sport. This ensemble is in the entire field show and the best word to describe what we are is “athletes.” Successful candidates will have fitness and technical proficiency.

Do you allow males?
Golden Delight is not a co-ed sport.

Can I dance for A&T and attend another (local) school?
Yes. Ladies at Bennett College, Guilford College, Greensboro College and UNC-Greensboro are eligible to audition through the Greater Greensboro Consortium program. GTCC students are not allowed to audition for Golden Delight. More information on Consortium program

What if you have never twirled before?
We do teach flag candidates how to twirl but NOT majorettes. Majorettes must have at least two years of twirling experience. Flag candidates are encouraged not to wait until auditions to get assistance with flag skills.

What is most important to the staff and judges?/ What are you looking for?
There are several things we look for. The most important being Flexibility, Sex appeal and Showmanship in performance. Be sure you can execute all performance requirements.

What is the difference between flag, majorette and dancer?
All members of Golden Delight are dancers. When we are twirling, most ladies twirl flag (an average 14-16) and a select few twirl baton (on average 4-6). Banner auditions are no longer a separate audition process. Banners come from the selected squad.

Can you audition with natural hair?
Absolutely. Most of the ladies on our team have natural hairstyles. The choices we make in terms of how we wear our hair for performances does so to allow uniformity and cover natural hair. Hair needs to be long enough to braid. Season styles for individual squad members are determined by the staff. 

Do we have to wear extensions (or weave) ?
Yes. We wear uniform styles. It is applied in a way to protect your natural hair and we promote healthy hair.

I have tattoos/piercings, can I audition?
Yes. However, all tattoos must be covered during all rehearsals and performances. If you do not already have tattoos, we recommend making sure that any you acquire in the future are in less noticeable places. If you have piercings other than one hole in the ear, they must be removed for all rehearsals and performances. 

Does it cost to audition?
Auditions are free of charge. Housing and meals are not provided for auditions. Candidates selected for the squad do have a financial obligation. That amount varies. All travel expenses and meals are paid by the department of bands during the season.

How many women do you select for the squad?
Average squad size is 18-22. However, we have varied from anywhere from as little as 12 to as many as 32! We do not select based on meeting demands for a certain number. Selections are based on mastery of basic skills, meeting minimum requirements, execution of choreography with flexibility and showmanship, sex appeal and womanly demeanor and an overall “fit” for Golden Delight. Competition is high and only those who meet the expectations and come prepared will be considered.

When is the best time to begin to prepare?
Right now. What we find is that most ladies need the extra time to transition to the collegiate level and to our particular style of dance and twirling. Sophomores and Juniors, it is never too early. 

What do I need to know for auditions?
Candidates should be familiar with minimum requirements, performance requirements and important dates. All of this information can be found on our auditions link. 

Do you have to audition every year?
Yes. Returning members are not guaranteed a spot and must re-audition each year. 

What if I don't make the team?
We encourage you to work on your skills and join us for the next audition. Decisions made by the staff can not be debated or contested.