History of the Ensemble

The A&T Band has been in existence since the early 1930's. The 1950's brought majorettes to the program. The squad grew to incorporate flags. The late 1980's and early 1990's brought the first glimpse of what you see today. The group was then called "The Untouchables." A signature element of this time period in squad history was the "high step" march of the flags and the "A&T Majorette Arch." 

The name "Golden Delight" was given to the squad in the 1991-1992 season, during the era of Dr. Johnny B. Hodge, Jr. Throughout the 1990's, the ladies began to incorporate dance and twirling movements in their shows. The trademark of the squad soon became its versatile nature. The group was known to have the largest collection of flags and equipment in HBCU bands. An additional highlight was the use of guard equipment that was not blue and gold. Taken from a corps style inspiration, flags were used to "tell a story" and to accent the music being played by the Blue & Gold Marching Machine. 

The change of the millennium brought about a new era for the squad. These new times brought interesting changes including the first squad website, a change in uniforms and shoes, a recruitment and application process, squad development activities and a new dance style.

In 2003, Dr. Kenneth Ruff became the director of bands at NC A&T State University and has been instrumental in the continued progress of the ensemble. Over the years the squad has continued to evolve its style and image while maintaining a close tie to past traditions and standards. 

The once majorette only squad of the 1930's is now one of the top auxiliaries in HBCU marching bands. The squad was the only one of its kind until 2007 when NC Central University modeled its auxiliary after Golden Delight. Trendsetters. Trailblazers. That’s who we have always been and we will continue to strive for edgy creativity and out of the box innovation.