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Throughout history, mankind has found it useful to divide time into ages. Periods of history that are marked by certain events, characteristics or the life of someone that made an impact. We are now in a time where the status quo is being challenged, average is unacceptable and innovation is required for survival. The versatile auxiliary is the way and Golden Delight is proud to be a trendsetting ensemble in HBCU dance. 

We welcome you to the Golden Age of Auxiliary... where we are bringing the glamour to color guard, making versatility a necessity and redefining creativity one performance at a time. In 2018, you are Guilty Until Proven Versatile.

We didn't fight for any throne...
We built our own. 
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Prep Clinic 1
Sunday, November 18, 2019
1:00 pm-6:00 pm
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Important Announcements
2019 Prospective Member Guide
2019 Prospective Member Guide
Pre-Audition Prep Clinic Information
Pre-Audition Prep Clinic Information
We are now accepting video submissions for an audition invite. Be sure to review the instructions on how to submit your video. Be mindful you can also secure an invitation by attending the Prep Clinic above.