Season 2017 Theme: Versatile Artistry
"Sometimes, being creative can get a little messy..."

You could build on an masterpiece of tradition, fans marveling at your vast collection with esteem
You may borrow from existing works of art as the template to cultivate your team
You might sketch and erase the strokes several times before coming into your own
But as long as it’s original, it’s respected, as your craft you continue to hone
Like starving artists, we remain hungry and focused, for the pressure can be much
And our paintings are for viewing only… you can look but you can’t touch
For the Delights, each season is breathtaking artistry and the outcome is divine
Mainly because we use every color possible and never paint within the lines
We determine our story... We decide how the final product will appear
And there is much to tell through vivid pictures and masterful techniques in the coming year
As the legacy continues to unfold, the canvas is primed and ready for more
We invite you to witness firsthand what 2017 has in store
#artisty #anoriginal #thecraft #A.R.T.S (ALWAYS READY TO SLAY)