The Craft: Versatile by Design
Majorette/Baton Twirling
Baton twirling combines dance and gymnastics while manipulating a single baton or multiple batons. The discipline requires ladies to display both technical merit and artistic expression. Baton twirlers are called majorettes. Baton twirling requires skillful coordination and extraordinary control of the body. Additionally it requires a great amount of flexibility in order to properly execute baton, dance, and gymnastics elements. Choreography for baton twirling is designed to promote expression of the body through dance and movement to create a demonstration of strength, flexibility, physical fitness, beauty, aesthetics, and harmony in coordination with the manipulation of the baton.

Squad members who are successful in our ensemble as majorettes are creative, extremely flexible, have baton twirling experience and are not fearful of twirling al types of equipment.

Dance Element
Our particular dance style is a fusion of several genres. You will see elements of jazz and modern as well as funk, gymnastics, latin inspired movements and more. We seek to present the womanly side of color guard in a way that fans enjoy. Golden Delight does not have a “choreographer.” With the creative vision of the staff and heavy input from student leaders and squad members, we listen to the selections and create a performance that we feel is true to our style, passion and purpose. 

Squad members who are successful in our ensemble demonstrate flexibility, high energy/stamina, great showmanship, a good technical foundation, the ability to transition between technical/trained dance elements and less structured funk movements. 

When we say a woman is “versatile” it means:
a) she already has the experience and/or ability to do all of these areas or
b) she has expertise in one main area but does possess the natural ability and willingness to learn (and can learn quickly) all other elements

The hard working ladies of Golden Delight are one of a kind in HBCU Bands. The format for a “versatile” auxiliary is derived from corps style band concepts. Its foundation is the idea of having one ensemble perform a variety of purposes in a field show. Women on Golden Delight both twirl flags, twirl baton, perform dance features and do supplemental performance areas with the band program.

Color Guard/Flag Twirling
In a marching band, the color guard provides additional visual aspects to the performance. The purpose of the color guard is to interpret the music that the marching band is playing via the synchronized spinning of flags. The color guard uses different colors and styles of flags like swing flags and tapered flags to enhance the visual effect of the marching band as a whole. 

Squad members that are successful on our flag squad do come with varied levels of flag twirling experience. Those with less experience should take more time to master basic twirls and develop a comfort with tossing and toss technique.